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VWD Double Hung windows offer the perfect combination of a traditional window with modern technology for any classic or modern style home.

Double hung windows are versatile and provide both a top and bottom sash opening allowing for improved airflow throughout the home. These high performance windows easily tilt making cleaning accessible from inside your home.

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Multi-chambered, fusion-welded frame and sash

Excellent for thermal resistance and prevention of heat loss. VWD Windows are extruded in 3 ¼” frame depths for extra rigidity, strength and thermal properties and are used in Replacement and New Construction Applications

Metal Reinforced – Built to last.

The window’s structure is reinforced at the operator, keeper and along the sash stile.

Rust Resistant Fasteners and Hinges

Stainless steel screws and rust resistant hinges are designed for a lifetime of use.

Integral Lift Rail
Permits sashes to be operated with ease.

True Over-The-Sill Drainage
Our High Tech Compound-Cut and welded frame
creates a sill without the need for drain holes. This
eliminates any cold air return into your home found
in traditional drainage systems.

Integral Brick Mould with Nail Fin
Ideal for brick and siding applications, offering cleaner details and improved performance (210BMJ only)

Foam “warmware”
Offered as an option, polyurethane foam insulation is injected into the frame and sash of each window.

Sil Options
The 210CS has a pocket sill while the 210VS has a snap-on sloped sill.


Yes, you can have the look of wood inside your home and still own energy efficient, maintenance free vinyl windows. A durable, washable high tech film is factory applied to your vinyl window interior. The film even has a grainy feel to the touch just like polished wood!

The film is pre-stained to a pleasing rich oak and matches most interior decors. It’s easy to finish your window with matching real wood moldings and trims for a magnificent appearance! VWD offers its Interior wood grain film on a selection of windows including Casement, Awning, Fixed, Picture, Double Hung and Slider options.

Argon and Krypton Gas filling Maximize the insulation value of your sealed unit with your choice of Argon, Krypton and Krypton/Argon blend.

Commercial Glazing Technique
Exterior glass stops, combined with Double Bond Glazing , are more effective in
maintaining a well-sealed window.

Double Glazed System (7/8” Overall)
Features a flexible dual durometer seal that hugs the sash glass from both sides, this system also includes a glazing tape applied to the interior side resulting in an unprecedented barrier against air and water penetration.

Triple Glazed (1 3/8” Overall)
Features two ½” airspaces that will dramatically improve the performance of your windows by reducing heat loss and conserving energy, for an even better performance upgrade to Double Low E & Argon.

TempSmart™ Spacer
It is a flexible, U-shaped, silicone foam tape product used to wrap around and cushion our center decorative panel. Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product used in combination with Hot Melt butyl, provides a superior Warm – Edge seal.

Stainless Steel Spacer
This is a warm edge spacer. This spacer will reduce condensation, heat loss, and provide clean, graceful lines and aesthetically provide an appealing appearance. Because it is made from low conductive steel, it provides natural structural strength in your window. Additionally, because it is steel, it is the perfect barrier preventing moisture penetration or gas leakage.

See and hear the difference with Diamond Premium Glass
VWD’s Diamond Premium Glass is 33% to 100% thicker than industry standards—that’s why it’s called Diamond Premium Glass! What this means is that outside noises stay outside where they
belong, truly making your home a sanctuary. A window with Diamond Premium Glass will withstand much greater impact and will be a better insulator.

Triple Seal
Three layers of premium Fin Seal stop air and water as they
reduce sound transmission. Benefit from the best sliding
seals available!

Compression Seal System
A compression style seal closes tight where the sash meets
the frame and sliding is not required. Our engineers insisted
that you get this premium component!

Night Latch (Optional)
Provides limited ventilation and discourages unlawful entry.

Recessed Tilt Latches
Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home.
Our recessed design maintains a clean and attractive sight
line in your window.

Cam Locks
Heavy duty 180 degree locking cams pull your sashes
tightly together for a great seal!

Smart Lock (Optional)
Smart Locks allow you to both unlock and tilt your sash
with a single operation.

Quick Release Coil Balance
Effortless sash movement with simple sash removal.

Quick Lock Shoes
When you tilt your sash for cleaning, a secure locking action
from multi-directional shoe expansion break-points secures
the sash in place

201VS Performance Ratings

  • Class R-PG55: Size Tested 45.3 in x 63.0 in
  • Air Infiltration/Exfiltration: A3
  • Forced Entry Resistance: Pass at Grade 10
  • N.F.R.C. Certified
  • A.A.M.A. Certified
  • C.S.A. Certified
  • N.R.C. Certified

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