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VWD Casement windows are a versatile option that provides timeless elegance to both modern and classic homes. They are designed to work seamlessly with your home and allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside.

VWD Casement windows can open and close easily with a turn of a foldable crank handle. A multipoint level allows the handle to lock in place creating a sleek look and finish to your window.

For areas of your home that require minimal to full ventilation, casement windows are built with a one sided hinge and can open towards the left or right side.

even split
quarter half quarter

3 1/4" welded frame combines with a variety of mouldings and extensions


Multi-Chambered Fusion Welded Frame for optimal strength and performance


Accessory Ready Groove


Slim Profile Sash


Double (7/8") and Triple (1 3/8") glass options available for optimum efficiency


Dual durometer inside and outside, and premium heavy duty butyl adhesive, giving a full perimeter seal bond.


Aluminum Reinforcement


Weather Stripping and Bulb seal for superior seal

Multi-chambered, fusion-welded frame and sash
Excellent for thermal resistance and prevention of heat loss. VWD Windows are extruded in 3 ¼” frame depths for extra rigidity, strength and thermal properties and are used in Replacement and New Construction Applications

Strong, Durable, Maintenance Free uPVC Vinyl Construction
Warranted for a lifetime of performance.

Vinyl is impervious to the elements and never requires painting

Slim Profiles Engineered
For maximum light penetration without sacrificing strength. Computer Controlled Precision Miter Cutting Frame and Sash are welded simultaneously for a perfect fit.

Foam “warmware”
Offered as an option, polyurethane foam insulation is injected into the frame and sash of each window.

Computer Controlled Precision Miter Cutting
Frame and Sash are welded simultaneously for a perfect fit.

Argon and Krypton Gas filling Maximize the insulation value of your sealed unit with your choice of Argon, Krypton and Krypton/Argon blend.

Double Glazed System (7/8” Overall)
Features a flexible dual durometer seal that hugs the sash glass from both sides, this system also includes a glazing tape applied to the interior side resulting in an unprecedented barrier against air and water penetration.

Triple Glazed (1 3/8” Overall)
Features two ½” airspaces that will dramatically improve the performance of your windows by reducing heat loss and conserving energy, for an even better performance upgrade to Double Low E & Argon.

TempSmart™ Spacer
It is a flexible, U-shaped, silicone foam tape product used to wrap around and cushion our center decorative panel. Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product used in combination with Hot Melt butyl, provides a superior Warm – Edge seal.

Stainless Steel Spacer
This is a warm edge spacer. This spacer will reduce condensation, heat loss, and provide clean, graceful lines and aesthetically provide an appealing appearance. Because it is made from low conductive steel, it provides natural structural strength in your window. Additionally, because it is steel, it is the perfect barrier preventing moisture penetration or gas leakage.

See and hear the difference with Diamond Premium Glass
VWD’s Diamond Premium Glass is 33% to 100% thicker than industry standards—that’s why it’s called Diamond Premium Glass! What this means is that outside noises stay outside where they
belong, truly making your home a sanctuary. A window with Diamond Premium Glass will withstand much greater impact and will be a better insulator.

Superior Triple Seal Weather Stripping
High pile is designed to let the water run out while preventing insects from entering. Neoprene bulb seal is the ideal compression seal. Dual neoprene interior and central compression seals are air and water tight!

Truth Ultra Operator with Fold-Away Handle
Our standard Truth Ultra Operator is heavy duty, functional and beautiful. The sleek styling allows the handle to fold into a recess in the casing for a clean look allowing clearance from your window coverings!

Aluminum Reinforced Frame
Ensures the casement hardware is securely anchored into the vinyl
frame with special cut screws threading into the aluminum, as well as
the vinyl.

Patented TouchScreen™ Standard
Our Unique TouchScreen™ design will allow you to remove and replace
your screen with ease. No more pins, tabs, springs or other mechanical

Single Lever MultipointLocking System and Hinge
The Truth Maxim Multipoint Lock and Hinge System is the industry’s
finest and is standard on our Premium Casements and Awnings. The
Truth Maxim Hinge is specifically designed to handle heavier loads from
larger windows with ease, time after time! All hinges are concealed
when closed.

100M Performance Ratings

  • Class CW-PG60
  • Air Infiltration/Exfiltration: A3
  • Forced Entry Resistance: Pass at Grade 20
  • N.F.R.C. Certified
  • A.A.M.A. Certified
  • Keystone Certified

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