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Interior Jamb Extension Options

Jamb Extension Options available for 1000 Series windows

Vinyl Clad Jamb
138 PVC Jamb
238 PVC Jamb
338 PVC Jamb
458 PVC Jamb
PVC Oak Jamb
Primed Wood Jamb
Foam Jamb
3/4" Drywall Return
Jamb Cap

Brick Moulds Exterior Finishes

Various sizes and styles of Brickmolds are available to accommodate every installation application. Ask your contractor which option best suits your specific installation.

Brickmolds available for 1000 series windows

5/8" Brickmould
1 1/2" Brickmould
1 1/4" Brickmould
2" Brickmould
3 1/2" Brickmould
Brickmould J Fin (BMJ)
Nail Fin

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