5300 Sliding Door

A sliding Patio Door allows you an opportunity for a panoramic outside view while letting the natural sunlight shine through. VWD patio door combines the elegance with beauty, style and superior performance.

Available in 2 panel, 3 panel, or 4 panel sliding patio doors, with your choice of a side lite and transom combinations.

If non-standard sizes or other configurations are required, kindly contact customer services.

  1. 5 7/8” Mechanical Frame
  2. Welded sash with steel reinforcement
  3. Multi-chambered frame to strengthen and provide additional stability and improve overall thermal performance
  4. Optional aluminum sills with your choice of black or clear anodized colour
  5. Dual glazed with 1” overall or triple glazed with 1 3/8” overall glazed available

Glass option Dual Pane is standard or Upgrade to Triple Pane

Triple Bond Glazing System
A flexible neoprene dual durometer hugs the glass (marine glazing technique). An exterior/interior wet glazing tape and an interior silicone full perimeter bead (double glazed windows only) provide a great seal!

Argon and Krypton Gas filling
Maximize the insulation value of your sealed unit with your choice of Argon, Krypton and Krypton/Argon blend.

1″ Overall Insulated Glass and 1 3/8″ Triple
Glazed Overall Insulated Glass Results in superior thermal performance. Our optional high performance triple glass with a 1 3/8″ overall seal unit has two 1/2″ air spaces. With Argon Gas and double Solar Shield Low E, this results in a 8.2R (.12U) C.O.G. value.

Insulating System
The TempSmart™ Spacer System is a flexible, U-shaped, silicone foam tape product used to wrap around and cushion our center decorative panel. Featuring a vapor barrier backing, the product used in combination with Hot Melt butyl, provides a superior Warm – Edge seal.

Solar Gain Low E Glass
The best glass for most applications in a northern climate. It has a very high retention rate of the heat in your home in winter and prevents heat gain in summer. Since as much as 95% of your energy expense for heating and cooling combined goes for heating, this glass is more cost effective than other glass without a high SHGC.

Solar Shield Low E Glass
Is chosen for uses where cooling costs outweigh heating costs in your energy usage, or where summer discomfort from heat build-up should be an important concern. This is the best glass for most applications in a southern climate. It has a very high reflection rate of the radiant outside heat to prevent heat gain in summer and in winter it still retains radiant heat once you turn on your furnace!

LoĒ³-366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings. It’s also the one glass you can use to be compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone – in a double-pane window.


Blinds between glass require no dusting

  • No dusting
  • No exposed cords - child and pet safe
  • Sealed glass unit increases energy efficiency
  • Raise, lower and tilt blinds
  • Symmetric privacy channels
  • Streamlined Single Operator Design Top Center
  • 10 year full warranty
  • Easy operating design
  • Available in Low E & Clear Glass


The features you want with the benefits you deserve. Our selection of handles can enhance the look of your door with the added safety and security built into our locking systems.

Executive Series
9700 Series
9700 Euro Series
9900 Handle

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