It’s the perfect balance: performance, reliability, value and longevity. Every detail has been considered in designing and manufacturing a stylish patio door with not just remarkable craftsmanship but true value. In its beauty. In the many new and unique features. In the ability to please today’s demanding customers and their need for versatility and affordability. For those who seek a long-lasting product with excellent design features, and from VWD to you, we present proudly the Plus Pacific Series 1000 Patio Door.


VWD ’s advanced manufacturing processes ensure the Pacific Series 1000’s fit, finish and function exceed the industry’s highest standards for quality and durability. For energy savings, superior insulation eliminates water and air infiltration between frame and panels. Easy to clean and maintain. Durability and corrosion resistance. Many years of smooth and easy operation. Strong and aesthetically flawless joint with exactly matched colours. A source of pride for us.


It’s our first, last and middle names. Some of the most skilled and experienced craftspeople make our products with such overwhelming pride. They make sure you receive...All vinyl multi-chamber profile design...Full perimeter double and triple weather stripping...Removable panel support...Premium sealant...Anodized aluminum tracks...Zinc plated double tandem wheels with sealed bearing...Extruded aluminum screen. Everyone at VWD shares one and only one goal: providing customers with not only the highest quality, longest lasting, easy-to-use doors but also highest value products available anywhere.



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