VINYL WINDOW DESIGNS LTD. has continuously worked at improving existing and developing new products. All products are tested thoroughly by our engineering department and through independent testing prior to introduction into the marketplace.


VWD recognized quickly that there would be a significant benefit in manufacturing custom sized windows if all our equipment was computer driven. When the order is entered in the main computer, the component list is automatically distributed to the cutting machines at production stages for the frame, sash, spacer and glass. This system virtually eliminates all human errors, reduces waste and increases efficiency.


As part of our vision for growth with quality control, every effort has been made to bring the extrusion process "in house". The Windows Design Group includes its own PVC extrusion facility capable of making the most detailed shapes with resin from PolyOne.

Our PolyOne is a superior PVC, With costly additives such as Titanium Dioxide. It is designed for long-term durability as a premium building product. This formulation is completely lead-free to protect homeowners from health hazards.

Our virtually in-house process has allowed VWD to offer a variety of colour options and to provide excellent service and delivery of products that many manufacturers cannot afford to keep in stock. Wall thickness of every VWD extrusion exceeds the standard set by The Vinyl Institute, A Division of The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc.

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