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Window Series
1000 Casement / 1500 Awning

Download our Tech Sheet on this window

Strong, Durable, Maintenance Free uPVC Vinyl Construction
Warranted for a lifetime of performance.

Vinyl is impervious to the elements and never requires painting

Multi-Chambered Profiles
Designed for energy savings, extra strength and maximum insulation.

Slim Profiles
Engineered for maximum light penetration without sacrificing strength.

Computer Controlled Precision Miter Cutting
Frame and Sash are welded simultaneously for a perfect fit.

The 1000 and 1500 frames feature 3 1/4" standard frame depth for installations. (This cross section shows 2 inches brick mould with nailing fin, which is an available option for new construction.)

Classic Contour Appearance
Our Georgian sash look offers the appearance of a classic wood window without the maintenance.

Triple Bond Glazing System
A flexible Neoprene Dual Durometer hugs the glass (Marine Glazing technique). An exterior wet glazing tape and an interior silicone full perimeter bead provide a great seal! This commercial technique is exclusive to the Premium Casement. It provides the ultimate in performance and is made for life! (Full perimeter bead on double glazed sealed units only.)

High Performance Glass
Choose Solar Gain Low E for free solar heat or Solar Shield Low E for reducing solar heat gain. Argon and Krypton Gas fillings will maximize heat savings! Ask how E-Clean Glass uses the energy of the sun to reduce dirt on your glass! KeepSafe Glass is the laminate of choice for security, quiet and safety!

7/8" Overall Insulated Glass and 1 3/8" Triple Glazed Overall Insulated Glass
Results in superior thermal performance. Our optional high performance triple glass with a 1 3/8" overall seal unit has two 1/2" air spaces. With Argon Gas and double Solar Shield Low E, this results in a 8.2R (.12U) C.O.G. value.

IGMA Approved
Certification Numbers - Stainless #2521, TempSmart™ ##2248

Superior Triple Seal Weather Stripping
High pile is designed to let the water run out while preventing insects from entering. Neoprene bulb seal is the ideal compression seal. Dual neoprene interior and central compression seals are air and water tight!

Truth Ultra Operator with Fold-Away Handle
Our standard Truth Ultra Operator is heavy duty, functional and beautiful. The sleek styling allows the handle to fold into a recess in the casing for a clean look allowing clearance from your window coverings!

Aluminum Reinforced Frame
Ensures the casement hardware is securely anchored into the vinyl frame with special cut screws threading into the aluminum, as well as the vinyl.

Patent Pending TouchScreen™ Standard
Our Unique TouchScreen™ design will allow you to remove and replace your screen with ease. No more pins, tabs, springs or other mechanical parts.

Single Lever Multipoint Locking System and Hinge
The Truth Maxim Multipoint Lock and Hinge System is the industry's finest and is standard on our Premium Casements and Awnings. The Truth Maxim Hinge is specifically designed to handle heavier loads from larger windows with ease, time after time! All hinges are concealed when closed. Window's minimum width of 14" opens 90° for easy cleaning. (Widths 12" - 14"open 70°.)


800M Casement / 850M Awning

100M Casement / 150M Awning
210 Double Hung
300 Tilt Slider
365 Double Lift Out Slider
201VS / 201BMJ Single Hung
301VS / 301BMJ Single Slider

1000 Casement / 1500 Awning
2010 Single Hung
2100 Double Hung
3000 Double Slider
3010 Single Hung

100MR Casement / 150MR Awning

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