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About Our Company
VINYL WINDOW DESIGNS LTD. can build the window of your dreams!
Company History | Management | E-Commerce | Editor's Letter
Company History
Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. began production in 1986 with five employees in a 5,000 sq. ft. facility. Philip Spatafora brought his expertise in industrial production and Lino D'uva took charge of sales and marketing.

The objective of Vinyl Window Designs was to offer the best quality product, excellent customer service and prompt delivery of its product at a competitive price. This was not an easy task to achieve. However, with determination, perseverance and hard work, VWD progressed rapidly, and the company earned the respect of the marketplace by taking advantage of new technologies and incorporating cutting edge design features.

Growth resulted in a number of moves to larger facilities, with an ever increasing number of employees. By 1993 the company had sold of 3.2 million windows, was employing 120 people, with annual sales for the group at thirty-five million dollars.

By this time, the different production lines could not fit under one roof and Aluminum Windows and the Vinyl extrusion division each required their own locations.

Our aluminum window facility, AWD offers state-of-the-art production of commercial curtainwall for high-rise projects as well as superior quality residential high and low-rise products. Our aluminum thermally broken products are designed for both new construction and renovation usage. All products are tested to meet your specific requirements.

In 1996, our group entered the new construction market. Our Performance Windows new construction line has been continually modified in response to changing customer needs. With our own sealed unit manufacturing, vinyl bending and vinyl painting factories, the group is a one-stop shop for all window options.

The Window Designs Group is listed in the top 100 companies in the North American industry. Its strength is in remodeling and new construction for Vinyl Window sales as well as commercial aluminum sales. We also have exports to Japan, Argentina, Columbia, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the Caribbean and a growing market for our quality products in the USA.

2016 brought the largest jump in size yet. Our 200,000 sq. ft. facility can be seen on the east side of Highway 400 in Northwest Toronto. We even have our own moose sculpture! We've come quite a way from 5,000 sq. ft. in 1986.

Our VINYL WINDOW DESIGNS window products qualify for some of the most prestigious product certifications offered in North America. Our company is one of the few that has chosen to work closely with the Canadian Standards Association Certification Program in Canada and with both the National Fenestration Ratings Council and with ENERGYSTAR ® in the United States.

We were honoured as the Window and Door Canadian ENERGYSTAR&tm; Manufacturer of the Year 2006. Since then, due to our efforts to promote energy saving products to Canadians, we have received four more ENERGY STAR awards, including the coveted award for "Sustained Excellence" in 2014.


People are everything. At VWD we're proud of the quality individuals who have chosen to bring their professional skills and high standards to our family.

Peter Dyson has built a career in the window and door industry in North America. Peter's focus is the Niagara Pennisula, Western Ontario and New York, however we look forward to the benefits of his expertise and experience to enhance our ability to service all our customers throughout the marketplace.

Anthony Spatafora has decades of experience in the window and door industry. He is our central Ontario sales associate.

Bob Hastings has done it all at every level of our industry. At present he is enjoying the challenges and rewards of being our eastern Ontario sales associate.

Joe Quatela brings significant personal resources to his duties at VWD. As an experienced project manager himself, Joe has a combination of product, installation and specification knowledge that make him a significant asset to his customers.

Florin Heghes heads up our increasingly busy engineering and QC Department. Our leadership in certification, standards and quality is a direct result of his diligence.

Julie Mara brings a lifetime of window experience as our head of Customer Services. Windows are in her DNA!

Suzie Mana combines a high degree of organization skills with great customer relations in her role as Service Manager, always one of the most difficult roles in any company!

E-Commerce in VWD

The 21st century requires a great computer system for VWD and its customers. Information is critical! At VWD our customized version of Fenevision is a proven winner.

A letter from the Editor

Vinyl Window Designs products have resulted from years of listening to you, our customer. From the moment the vinyl lineal is manufactured within our extrusion facility to the moment when your certified installer cleans the energy certification label from your window's glass, our mission is to provide you with a range of product and option choices for your every need, reliable and easy to understand information to help you make the best choice for you and a network of trustworthy and capable companies who will make your purchase experience a breeze.

Your Vinyl Window Designs window has a tremendous warranty. We care about our products' quality and take it personally when you need our help. You need a warranty that works and ours comes complete with peace of mind! Our quality and people conscious family is committed to your service. You can be more than secure knowing we have a reputation for being there when our homeowners need us.
Your comments and suggestions are of great value to us.



Vinyl Window Design's Sponsors Canada's "Karate Kid"!
Garet's Recent Success

Click here for large poster version

Vinyl Window Designs Sponsors Canada’s “Black Belt Brothers”!

VWD is pleased to note the success of 15 year old Garet Gauthier and his brother 13 year old Grant. Each has made Team Canada three times. Garet has represented Canada at World Championships in Portugal, Spain and Canada. Grant has represented Canada at World Championships in Spain, USA and Canada. Between them they have three World Championship bronze medals. They are now presently training in hopes to make this year’s team, which will be competing in Italy. They train under World Champion, Brian Brunelle.

As they live right across the border from Michigan, there main circuit is the Michigan Sport Karate Circuit. They have multiple Michigan State Championships, Great Lakes Championships and Grand Championships.

We wish them continued success!

Reno-Connect is the only seminar program in Canada offered to help window dealers increase their skill level in their industry. Once again, VWD is providing the keynote speaker as well as speakers for key seminars. In addition, VWD pays the entry fee for over half the attendees. "Consumers deserve salespeople who know their products and know how to communicate well. Even more important, a salesperson needs to know how and when to listen. That's why we support industry wide educational programs", says Fateh Virji, Director of Marketing at VWD.
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Stop Spending and Start Investing

VWD authorized dealer H. Moore & Son in Sarnia, with VWD's participation, provided windows for Habitat for Humanity. They also supplied doors at cost and provided installation of windows, doors and siding at no cost! Thank you H. Moore for being such great members of your community!

What is happening to government grants?

While the USA government is renewing its commitment to promoting energy conservation through its continuation of its 30/30 grant program, the Canadian government has announced the end of its EcoEnergy sponsorship. As of April 27, 2010 some of the provincial programs, such as Ontario's '$40 per opening' grant, are still in place, so it is important that you clarify with your VWD whether or not you qualify for any funding for your window project. Learn more

The Win-door North America Show, which began Tuesday in Toronto...
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Long time VWD employee Joe Quatela takes responsibility for Barrie, Ontario regional dealer support.

Reno-Connect is the only seminar program in Canada offered to help window dealers increase their skill level in their industry. Once again, VWD is providing the keynote speaker as well as speakers for key seminars. In addition, VWD pays the entry fee for over half the attendees. "We want the entire industry, not just our dealers, to take advantage of this program so part of our support is to make a better program and part is the make it easy for our customers to attend," says Lino D'Uva, Vice President of VWD.
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VWD chosen by international trade organization.
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