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Window Series
240/ 240J Double Hung

Download our Tech Sheet on this window

Fusion Welded Frame & Sash
Welding creates a fully sealed, continuous profile that eliminates potential air and water penetration through frame and sash corners.

Maintenance Free Solid uPVC Vinyl Profiles
The multi-chambered design provides structural strength as well as insulating air pockets which reduce heat and cold transfer.

Integral Lift Rail
Permits sashes to be operated with ease.

Large Interlock with Double Protection
Brings double weatherstrip sashes closer together and locks them air tight for another secure line of defense against the weather.

Integral J Fin
Ideal for siding application for cleaner details with improved performance. (Available on 240J model only.)

True Over-The-Sill Drainage
Our High Tech Compound-Cut and weld frame creates a sill without the need for drain holes. This eliminates any cold air return into your home found in traditional drainage systems.

Commercial Glazing Technique
Exterior glass stops combined with our glazing technique provide the ultimate defense with long lasting beauty.

High Performance Glass Options
Choose Solar Gain Low E for free solar heat or Solar Shield Low E for reducing solar heat gain. Argon and Krypton Gas fillings will maximize heat savings! Ask how E-Clean Glass uses the energy of the sun to reduce dirt on your glass!

Warm Edge Spacer Technology
Only the best warm edge spacers will reduce perimeter condensation on an insulating glass unit, fight mold and increase the comfort of your home.

IGMA Approved
Certification Numbers - Stainless #2521-P, TempSmart™ #2190-0200508G

Weatherstrip For Results
Premium Fin Seal is the superb weather seal design that is ideal for double hungs, with a Bulb Seal on the bottom sash.

Night Latch (Optional)
Provides limited ventilation and discourages unlawful entry.

Recessed Tilt Latches
Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home. Our recessed design maintains a clean and attractive sight line in your window.

Cam Locks
Heavy duty 180 degree locking cams pull your sashes tightly together for a great seal!

Quick Release Coil Balance
Effortless sash movement with simple sash removal.

Locking Shoes With Washer Tip Pivot Bars
When tilting in a sash for cleaning, the shoes securely lock themselves in place. Special pivot bars ensure they do not pull out of the shoe.


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